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Photoshop Makeover

I gave myself a makeover (top) and the bottom image is the original.

Panoramic Image

*after retouching assignment
I created this by taking multiple photos and then putting them together to create a panorama.

Cartoon Head on Regular Body

For this post, I took Brian from the tv show "Family Guy" and put him on my body. I then added a family guy scene background.

Create Your Own Font

This is the font that I created.

Hybrid Character

I combined my three favorite cartoon characters, Bugs Bunny, Mordecai from Regular Show, and Spongebob Squarepants to make Mordebugsbob.

Colorized Drawing

I drew this on a piece of paper with a felt tip pen, then put it on photoshop and colorized it there. I drew Pusheen the cat and I had inspiration of the background from Neko Atsume.