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stop motion

for this assignment, I put many pictures together and made a stop motion video.

5 Things That I am Proud of


image inside text

I put a cute background in text that says my name, Brooke.

create an album cover

I created this and got inspiration from a surrealist painting. I used this cat and added certain objects to it. "Thinking Cats" is the album and band name.

30 day photo challenge 2

Day 1: Favorite Food
Day 2: Smile Day 3: Happiness Day 4: Leaves Day 5: Morning Sky Day 6: Books Day 7: Something Funny Day 8: Favorite Color Day 9: Inspiring Person
Day 10: Nature
Day 11: Something Old
Day 12: Hair Day 13: Written Words Day 14: Movement Day 15: Leading Lines Day 16: Symmetry and Patterns Day 17: Framing Day 18: Depth of Field Day 19: Rule of Thirds Day 20: Best Friend
Day 21: Where you Sleep

creative blurring

*after portrait montage using different backgrounds
I chose to make this cat look like its leaping really fast by using radial blurring.

hockney-esque "joiner"

I created this by taking a picture and then deconstructed and reconstructed it.

stranger photos

I found people around campus that I did not know and took headshots of them! (8)

shadow study

For this assignment, I took pictures of shadows.