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Where's Brooke?

This is my Where's Waldo assignment in which I used many different pictures of things that relate to me, and put them all together. I then hid myself somewhere in a waldo costume.

Celebrity Coloring book Page

This is the original of my celebrity coloring book page.

Celebrity Coloring Book Page

This is a coloring book page of the singer, Lorde. I chose to draw her because she has been one of my idols for a couple years.

Cartoon Yourself

I created this by drawing a picture of myself, then filling it in, and adding a pink background instead of keeping the old one.

Cartoon Version of Masterpiece

To make this, I first drew "Nighthawks" by Edward Hopper. I then added Tom and Jerry from the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" because their mischievous characteristics reminded me of the dark setting in the masterpiece.

The Scream

To do this drawing, I used a wide variety of colors, and I had to make many adjustments to make it look more similar to the real painting, such at changing the sky to have more layers, and drawing as much detail as possible.
After I finished the drawing, I took a photo and cut it out to fit the scream face.

Mona Lisa

This Mona Lisa contour drawing was made by first tracing the main lines of the Mona Lisa. I picked a color scheme for her outfit and look, which is dark purples/greens. Then I came up with a beach sunset background because I enjoy the beach, and adding the sunset would make it look nice.