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I walked around our school campus and tried to think of unique ways to take photos.

macro setting photo shoot

I used a camera on the macro setting and had a "photo shoot" with three random items.

light painting

I took this photo using long exposure and a flashlight to create the light line. *this assignment is after "shadow study"

puzzle face

For this assignment, I took a picture of Lucie and made her eyes look like a 'puzzle piece'.

shape/color cartoon character

This is Denny the Banjo Player. He is very emo but loves his banjo. He would do anything for his banjo. He was born in a barn and moved to a dark hut on the beach. His favorite thing is the banjo and it is the only thing he believes is necessary for life. Denny hates anyone that hates banjos, or anything that has nothing to do with banjos. He also dislikes cheeseburgers and flutes. He is currently married to his banjo.

emotion portraits

I created this by taking pictures of Lucie and her different emotions. I then put them together as a collage.

color focus on black and white photo

I made this by taking a picture with something colorful in it and then making it the only color that is visible in the photo.

self with former self

This is a picture of myself now with a picture of me from 4 years ago.

repetition portrait

I created this by taking a photo of myself and repeating my face several times.

dispersion effect/shattered picture

For this assignment, I used many layers and erased it using a certain brush effect to erase it until there were small fragments of the picture and made it look like I was dispersing into pieces behind me.

30 day photo challenge

Day 1: Self Portrait Day 2: What you wore today  Day 3: Clouds Day 4: Something Green
Day 5: Morning Sky
Day 6: From a Low Angle (Worm's Eye View)
Day 7: Fruit
Day 8: A Bad Habit
Day 9: Someone you Love
Day 10: Childhood memory
Day 11: Something Blue
Day 12: Sunset Day 13: Yourself with 13 Things
Day 14: Eyes Day 15: Silhouette
Day 16: Long Exposure Day 17: Technology Day 18: Your Shoes  Day 19: Something Orange Day 20: BOKEH Day 21: Faceless Self-Portrait Day 22: Hands